questionHow long does it take to tint a Car?

answerThe process generally take 3-4 hrs depending on the difficulty of the car, cleanliness of the windows, and the number of windows. Getting the job done quickly while sacrificing the quality of our work is not what we're about. We take pride in the our work and will take the necessary time to provide you with a high quality professional installation. Our installers have up to 25 years of experience. We offer the same high quality service to each and every one of our customers.


questionHow long before I can roll down my windows?

answerDepending on weather conditions you can roll down your window after 24 hours of installation, however, note that it may take between 3-5 days for the film to completely dry out.


questionWhy do I see little bubbles and haze in the film immediately after installation?

answerThis is normal. We use a water solution to activate the adhesive which allow us to move the film into position. Although we squeegee out as much of the water as possible, a small amount of water remains between the glass and film. As the water evaporates through the film you may see little water bubbles of foggy/hazy patches. This should clear up as the water completely evaporates (between 3-5 days) or longer if the weather is cold or raining.


questionWhat do I use to clean my windows?

answerYou can clean your windows with soap and warm water or alcohol and water. Do not use ammonia, chemicals or abrasive cleaners as it can scratch or deteriorate your film.


questionHow durable is the film?

answerWindow film is protected by a hard scratch–resistant coating that can withstand everyday use. Although the film is "scratch- resistant" this does not mean "scratch–proof." Even glass can be scratched, so be careful when loading and unloading objects with sharp edge such as bikes, boxes and sports equipment. Also be careful when releasing your seat belt quickly as the buckle can hit your window and may cause small nicks in your film that is not covered by your warranty.


questionWill the film damage my defrost lines?

answerThis depends on how long the film has been on the car. In most cases, it will not damage the defrost lines if you remove the film. However, in some cases, on some vehicles, it does damage the defrost lines. In any case, we do not guarantee when we remove the film that it will not damage the defrost lines.


questionWhat is the warranty on window film?

answerThe films we carry come with a lifetime warranty against bubbling, peeling and fading. You will need your warranty card and receipt to claim any warranty issues.



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